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Welcome friends,

We are specialized in fue hair transplant technique. We have simplified the whole process of hair transplant to such a level that it’s just walk in and walk out procedure. Not even a single chance of any minor complication. Our technique is compatible with all routine medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid conditions etc.

With hundreds of satisfied clients over the globe we boast to be very economically priced clinic in north India. We cater to whole of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Our overseas clients are from Canada, New Zealand, London, and USA.

And our chain is rapidly increasing with strings of satisfied clients added each day.

Few common questions which tend to clear doubts about hair transplant procedure.


Q1. Which hair transplant procedure is more comfortable strip surgery or fue procedure?

Ans. strip surgery is easy on part of surgeon as most of the work is being done by assistants, whereas fue requires surgeon’s presence for most of the time. For hair transplant clients fue is most comfortable with only minor to negligible pain.


Q2. What is the cost of hair transplant surgery in Punjab and Chandigarh?

Ans.  For fue hair transplant surgery we charge less than 1 u.s.d. whereas few other clinics in Punjab and Chandigarh are charging somewhere a dollar and half and up to 2 dollars per graft. New blooms hair restoration clinic is most economical for fue hair transplant procedure in Punjab and Chandigarh /India.


Q3. Is hair transplanting a painful procedure?

Ans. No hair transplant with fue technique is virtually painless. We use no pain anesthesia .with no discomfort. Strip surgery is much more painful .you feel tightness, heaviness on backside of head.


Q4. Is hair transplanting a bloodless procedure?

Ans. Yes only blood we lose in whole surgery is not more than 20- 30 ml. and this in form of small ooze from extraction and plantation sites. If we compare than while donating blood we donate almost 400 ml of blood without any feeling of weakness etc. So 20 ml is only 5% of safe blood loss.


Q5. Is hair transplant and hair replacement are same thing?

Ans. No hair transplant is redistribution of your roots from dense areas of your scalp to bald areas. While hair replacement is with some artificial fibers or patches.


Q6. Is hair transplant possible in females also?

Ans. Yes, hair transplant is possible and we are regularly doing it for cicatricle alopecia and   for broad forehead .Results are amazing.


Q7.  What is the scope of medical tourism in India and Chandigarh?

Ans.    Chandigarh is officially known as city beautiful and it is one of the best planned and clean cities of India. Located just in foothills of shivalik. Shimla called as queen of hills is situated only 3 hrs.  From Chandigarh. Lot of historical monuments is located at Chandigarh and vicinity.


Q8. How much time it takes to do a hair transplant?

Ans. When done with fue technique it takes approximately 10-12 hrs. For one session .In which we transplant approximately 1800-2000 grafts. We have done surgeries extending up to 3 days where we have transferred approximately 5400 follicles with density varying from 50 per sq. cm to 30 per square centimeter.

Q9. How many maximum numbers of follicles can be transplanted?

Ans. There is no limit for the follicles that can be transferred; only limitation is the number of follicles available in donor area. We calculate maximum number of follicles that can be transplanted by first doing a microscopic examination which tells the number of follicles per square centimeter and thickness of each hair.

Q10. Are there any scars left after fue hair transplant surgery on donor or recipient area?

Ans. No absolutely no scars. We are using .6 mm to .8 mm internal diameter punches during the surgery and as a basic rule of plastic surgery we do not expect any scar after an incision which is smaller in size than 1.2 mm.

Q11. Do the hairs grow naturally after fue hair transplant?

Ans.  Yes in hair transplant (Chandigarh) .we are just transferring the hair from one area to other. So hair after fue hair transplant grows naturally as they grew on their donor area.

Q12. What is the cost of fue hair transplant in Chandigarh Punjab?

Ans.  We charge approximately rupees 35 to 45 rupees depending upon the total number of follicles, age and whether transplant is done from other body areas.

India and specifically Chandigarh is developing as a new hub for hair transplant specialty. Medical tourism angle has widened the scope for more overseas clients turning up each coming year.


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